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Full-Cycle Bilingual Patient Generation for Chiropractors

From advertising to the follow-up. Everything you need, GSPatients has you covered.

Social Media Ads

An ads team dedicated to the creation and management of your ads.

Sales funnel

Leads pass through an asessment to ensure their quality


An experienced bilingual team dedicated to doing your follow-ups that understands what drives your chiropractic patients into the appointment.

Appointment Setting

We do the follow-up until they make it to their 1st appointment.


No need to do a booking, just let us know that you need it.

Patient Retention Coaching

Increases your chances to retain patients.

Building Trust

See How Clinics Like Yours Have Flourished by Embracing the Hispanic Market

Patients in need

Hispanics are more likely to develop chronic back pain.

But why?

Why You Should Aim At This Market?

The Spanish-Speaking market is one that, as a Chiropractor, you should reach out to because:

Almost 20% of the American population is Hispanic.

That's 60 Million Hispanics!

75% of them speak fluently or some English.

If they don't, they usually have a way to translate, from their cellphone to a bilingual friend.

70% of this population prefer cash as their main payment method.

Hispanics are more likely to spread the word, with almost 50% chances of them leading peers into a purchase.

90% of them miss out on medical solutions because there are no ads directed at them.


The Reason Relies On Your Condition

Depending on the pain you have, the Spanish-Speaking Market can be the solution you are looking for.

I'm Struggling to Attract Patients

Revitalize your practice, attract cash-paying patients, overcome language, and cultural barriers.

My Area is to Competitive

Spanish-speaking market lacks attention, <8% healthcare practitioners meet their needs.

My Marketing isn't Working

Hundreds of specialists compete to appear in the right space and time while forgetting about an untapped market.

I still get patients without social media

Conditions often go unsearched for a long time. Use social media to share chiropractic expertise and reach those in need.

Time to renovate

90% of US uses social media. Facebook is the most popular, with 74.2% of users.

What we do

Smart Marketing to Maximize Results

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions: From Eye-Catching Video Marketing to Seamless CRM Integration for Appointment Setting

About us

Why GSPatients and not other Marketing Agencies

We go beyond than just another marketing agency.

+160 clinics with us

We are currently active in more than 26 states

24k patients obtained

Our partners are happy with the results we bring

+2 years

Helping chiropractors and patients

We are Hispanic

We know what we want, and we'll tell you what it is

The original solution

We are the first to offer a complete marketing solution

+3 Million USD

Advertisement budget managed by us

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