How it started

Angel Mendoza, CEO and Founder of GSP, realized the needing of chiropractic care for the U.S. spanish-speaking community after working as marketing specialist with chiropractors during the last 3 years. This vision of stablishing the best relationship with patients and helping them reach out the solution for their physical pains.

About GSP

Founder and CEO of the first program that helps chiropractors expand their market and get quality cash-paying patients. With this program, Angel has already helped more than 200 DCS expand their practice via online advertisement.

Our goal

Help chiropractors around the United States of America get advantage over their competition by expanding their operations to an untapped market in ther bussines.


Become the most reliable partner for the best chiropractors in the U.S. as their chirorpactic patient-driving solution.

Our unique method

We use tested and proven techniques that we perfected time after time. That is why we are con-dent, we can bring you the specific amount of cash patients we tell you.

Our approach

Other marketing agencies focus on running ads for your social media profiles wasting your ad spend budget without assuring new clients to grow your practice. Without an exceptional operational background, you might be getting your return of investment in Facebook likes and not actual money.

This is the service you might consider taking if the value of a previously unap- proached target sounds like good business.

More than a marketing agency for chiropractors

We use tested and proven workflows to bring you actual patients for your chiropractic practice. That is why we are confident we can bring you the specific amount of cash patients we tell you.

By taking the necessary actions to get them to book and arrive to their cash appointment, the strong Customer Relationship Management System we’ve developed helps us track every connection with your potential customers and take the necessary actions to make sure they book and show up to their appointments.

This method we have developed, and perfected over the last few years, truly allows us to generate the highest conversion rates possible. If you are interested in growing your clients base click the button below and schedule a meeting with us!

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