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Our chiropractic practice approach involves tested workflows to guarantee a specific number of cash patients for you.

With a robust Customer Relationship Management System, we track interactions, ensuring potential customers book and attend appointments.

Developed and refined over the years, our method yields high conversion rates.

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Who is Angel Mendoza?

Angel Mendoza - GSPatients CEO
Angel Mendoza, CEO of Get Spanish-speaking patients will guarantee new patients for your clinic

From Hispanics for Hispanics

Angel Mendoza is the founder and CEO of Get Spanish-speaking Patients (GSPatients).

Originally from Peru, Angel moved to Los Angeles at the age of 12, where he experienced firsthand the challenges non-English speakers face in accessing healthcare services.

His personal experiences, combined with his expertise in digital marketing, inspired him to help chiropractors reach the Hispanic community.

Angel recognized the preference for natural remedies in Hispanic culture and saw an opportunity to introduce them to chiropractic care.

His approach involves innovative marketing strategies that are culturally and linguistically tailored to the Hispanic audience, aiming to bridge the gap in healthcare access and awareness.

Trusted by our Partners

150+ Chiropractors trust GSP for quality patients that ensure your practice growth


    Experienced Team

    “The mere fact that my staff said how great the experience was, and wanting to continue the social media marketing, speaks wonders about them”
    Dr. Mark Kimes
    Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headache
    Relief Center, California

    Best Advertising

    "Been working with GSP for two years, and I wish I had done it sooner. It's the best advertising company I've ever used, and I've been in practice for 27 years."
    Dr. Kim Lara
    Gonstead Physical Medicine,

    Smooth Marketing

    “When I’m training and away from the office, I know my Facebook marketing is running smoothly since I’ve used Angel’s service.”
    Dr. Beyer
    Beyer Chiropractic, Illinois

    Patients Skyrocketed

    “Ever since I’ve been working with Angel the new patient numbers have skyrocketed. In our first month, we saw almost 80 patients.”
    Dr. John Mahones
    Quirolima, Peru
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Live-translation available during appointments without reservations.

Scale your practice, increase cash collections, and reduce reliance on reimbursements.


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