How to Improve Your Chiropractic Patient Retention

When it comes to growing a chiropractic office, cultivating loyal patients and clients is crucial. Unfortunately, some chiropractors don’t really think about it or don’t know how to achieve it. We’ll ask you to open your thinking and consider patient retention as an important aspect of offering a great patient experience! 

Keep in mind, patient retention has very little to do with the care you recommend. It depends on other aspects and falls between two types: Short-term and Long-term. 

Short-term patient retention is defined as the patient completing their initial care plan. While Long-term patient retention is about that patient choosing you for care throughout the rest of their lifetime. 

How to improve Short-term patient retention

The initial visit to your practice is where patient retention begins. Let’s be honest…Seeing a new doctor can be nerve-wracking. 

Patients arrive confused about what to expect, worried about what might be wrong with them, and vulnerable in need of assistance. One of the most essential things you can do to boost patient retention right away is to provide an amazing new patient onboarding experience. 

If a patient is confused or unclear about something after their first visit, their chances of dropping off increase dramatically. 

The scripting you use during your evaluation and first therapies, of course, is crucial. However, if you stop there, you’ll continue to have problems with short-term retention. 

Having an automated new patient onboarding email sequence is the key to optimizing your short-term retention through onboarding. Automating new patient onboarding email sequences can reduce cancellations, increase retention, and improve your new patient experience considerably. 

Patients often have inquiries when they get home. Your new patient onboarding process is precisely designed to answer these questions before they arise. 

Furthermore, a good onboarding process reinforces and validates the patient’s decision to pick your practice, informs them of the next stages, and guides them through their first few weeks with you. 

There’s no way you’ll be able to get everything done within your patient appointments. An automated new patient onboarding routine, on the other hand, can help fill in the gaps so that both the patient and you get the best results possible while increasing patient retention. 

How to improve Long-term patient retention

Patient retention throughout time is just as important as short-term retention…However, it is rarely emphasized. 

Staying connected and top of mind with your patient list is key to long-term retention. When a patient ceases to be engaged in your practice, you should continue to communicate with them. 

Over 90% of patients in most chiropractic offices are pleased with their treatment. To put it another way…They’d be delighted to return after you’ve assisted a patient in improving their quality of life. 

They know, like, and trust you. A doctor-patient relationship has been developed. 

Let’s look at two scenarios to see what might happen next. 

Example 1: 

Jack (our patient) recovers and is pleased with Dr. Jones’ treatment. He follows his first treatment plan to completion and finally becomes an inactive patient. Unfortunately, Dr. Jones’s inactive patient list does not receive weekly email newsletters. 

 Jack gets a flare-up two years later. Dr. Jones was one of his favorites, but he can’t recall where he worked, so Jack turns to Google to find the nearest chiropractor. Dr. Jones, however, isn’t one of them. 

This type of thing happens every day. 

But, now let’s look at the next example. 

Example 2: 

Jane (our patient) recovers and is satisfied with Dr. Smith’s treatment. She follows her first treatment plan to completion and eventually becomes an inactive patient. Dr. Smith’s inactive patient list receives a weekly email newsletter. 

Jane gets a flare-up two years later. She adored Dr. Jones, and she feels even more devoted now that she receives weekly emails from him, which have helped her live a better life. She opens her email, finds Dr. Smith’s most recent email, and clicks “Schedule an appointment today. 

We think this demonstrates the value of delivering a weekly email newsletter to maintain a steady stream of reactivation possibilities in your practice. 

Your current patients should remain your patients in the future. You’re building your practice on sand if you don’t. You’ll have trouble filling your schedule if you’re not proactive in keeping in touch with your patients via a weekly email newsletter. As a result, you’ll end up spending more money on new patient promotion and, as a result, not providing the greatest possible service to your patients. 

 A beautifully designed, research-based, automatic weekly email newsletter is one of the most effective reactivation strategies available. 

Keep Your Patient’s Coming Back for More

Chiropractors can do a variety of things to ensure that their patients stay with them over time. Focus on the important principles listed above to improve your patient retention rates. 

Are you a chiropractor in need of information and solutions to help you expand and sustain your clientele? If that’s the case, follow us for more interesting content! 

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