More patients. Less Stress.

The Hispanic Population in the U.S. grows every year but is still a highly under-reached market.

That’s why we developed a full program that allows you to get monthly new patients from this population without worrying about ads, bookings, or follow-ups.

We handle the acquisition process for your clinic. Just focus on treating your new patients!


We get the patients, you choose the treatment

150 clinics take advantage of our patient acquisition services for: General chiropractic care – pain management, physical therapy, neuropathy, iv therapy, weight loss, spinal decompression and much more!

Chiropractic Care
IV Therapy
And more!

What you get...

More Patients

15+ Cash Paying Patients which are more receptive to paying for your higher ticket packages, to help you make more money.


A dedicated team that takes care of follow-up e-mails, texts and/or calls to those interested in handling a pain/discomfort, to get them to book their appointment with you.

Integrated Calendar

Integrated Live Appointments calendar for effortless booking and tracking.

Reminders to patients

Follow-Up/Reminder e-mails and texts to those who made appointments, to increase the show up rate.

Dedicated Team

Coordination And Access To Our Service Team to stay on top of the game.

Why are we different?

We want to help you

We focus on helping chiropractors like you connect and help more people who are experiencing physical pain.

Our unique method

We use tested and proven techniques that we perfected time after time. That is why we are confident we can bring you the specific amount of cash patients we tel you.

Our demographics

We work with both the English and the Spanish demographics, but we have found a strength Hispanics bring to our clients, which is their connections. Once they have a good experience with a chiropractor, they tend to send that chiropractor a lot of their connections.

Cash patients, not leads

We bring you patients for paid services, instead of free services.
This makes them much more valuable to you, as they come to handle a physical discomfort and tend to respond well to a treatment program.

Management of patients

We work with a strong software which helps us track every connection we have with leads and take the necessary actions to make sure they book and show up to their appointments.

What our clients say

Gonstead Physical Medicine, Arizona

“Been working with GSP for two years, and I wish I had done it sooner. It’s the best advertising company I’ve ever used, and I’ve been in practice for 27 years.”

Quirolima, New York

“Ever since I’ve been working with Angel the new patient numbers have skyrocketed. In our first month, we saw almost 80 patients.”

Beyer Chiropractic, Illinois

“When I’m training and away from the office, I know my Facebook marketing is running smoothly since I’ve used Angel’s service.”

Cicero, Illinois

Dr. Watsson

“Their knowledge of how to reach the Spanish demographic has amazed me; in only two weeks, we have received 150 Spanish-speaking patients.”