Take a Photo of YOU and Make Your Business More Trusted

Patients who are interested in your business want to meet you. They’d like to view your office and meet your workforce. The individuals who make your practice what it is. Not a stock photo. 

The reason? Trust. 

Someone looking for a new chiropractor is looking for someone they can trust. To determine who they can trust, they turn to the Internet. 

When you want to build trust in your business, it’s important to show the world who you are. Your audience is more likely to trust you when they see that there is a real human being behind your brand. Although having a professional headshot of yourself on your website or social media profiles helps people get to know who you are, sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. That’s why we really love seeing businesses use photos of themselves around their office or at work! Nowadays, more and more companies are starting to take photos with their employees and post them publicly for everyone else to see what kind of company they have built. This is great for building credibility because it shows potential customers that there are other people working alongside them too! 

Here are our top four reasons why great photos on your Yelp Page are so important for attracting customers. 

1. Your potential customers want to know who you really are.

Your company is made up of many moving elements, each of which is a unique reflection of you. There’s more to your business than meets the eye, whether it’s the decor of your storefront, the staff you surround yourself with, or the community service programs you support. Photos can let buyers see all sides of your business and get a complete image. 

That involves getting rid of your logo images and stock photos. Instead, choose images that highlight the reasons why your company is so successful. These images don’t have to be taken by a professional. Because camera phones are like a small photo studio in your pocket, photos taken with them will suffice. 

Finding the “right” consumer is one of the most prevalent difficulties you’ll hear across businesses. If you’re a contractor, you might exclusively work on commercial projects, or if you’re an exterminator, you might just deal with bed bugs. 

Consumers can make informed judgments when they need your assistance if you post photographs that appropriately reflect your services. You can explicitly describe what you do by detailing what is in the picture by captioning your photos. Captions provide you the chance to persuade a customer to choose you. 

3. More photos = more revenue.

A picture is worth a thousand words… but it can also be worth a thousand dollars. Potential clients are drawn to photos because they are both visually and emotionally appealing. 

Assume you’re in the mood for a milkshake. You search on the internet and come across a fantastic shop with a beautiful milkshake photo. So, what happens next? You take out your wallet and are ready to make a purchase. 

People spend nearly three times as much time on a business page with photographs as one without. The longer they stay on your page, the more likely they are to make a purchase from you. 

4. Images reflect the quality of your business.

If you want your company’s professionalism to shine through in your photos, make sure you post images that are up to par with the quality of your job. Small or unclear photos appear amateurish and make it difficult for clients to understand what they’re looking at. It’s also crucial to have good lighting. Natural light is preferable, but if your workplace is tucked away within, utilize interior lights or even a floodlight. 

In addition, the photographs should be well-composed. Make sure your image’s subject is in the center and easily identifiable. Align the frame of the photograph with the subject or structures in the room, such as a wall, floor, or fence. Crooked or off-center photographs appear hasty and careless. 

Beyond the image quality, make sure you’re using the correct types of photos to sell your company—from showcasing a variety of project sizes or dishes to including the right angles and focuses. Finally, uploading logos or collages that obstruct the picture’s content is discouraged. 

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