This Is Why You Aren’t Getting New Patients 

Let me tell you that I know why you’re having a hard time getting new patients. And no, I’m not psychic. But, you see, we’ve been at it long and seen it all. And, to be honest with you, many chiropractors have the same issue. First, they increase the number of patients per week, month, or year but then plateau. And while I could talk about the universal reasons (because we all make mistakes), I’d instead share some more tangible reasons why chiropractors aren’t experiencing growth in their practices right now! 

I assume that you already have a website and an online presence. You’ve invested in marketing agencies, ads, and maybe even SEO, and while there’s an improvement, it quickly stalls. Now, let’s begin with the problems and potential solutions. 

Problem #1: There’s missing information on your online pages.

Your website and social media pages are crucial. And this is because it’s the first thing a prospecting patient will see. If there’s missing information, chances are they’ll look for another doctor. 

You can solve this by regularly checking your website and social media and brainstorming with employees or customers about what is going well and where you might improve. 

Problem #2: You have social media pages but no content.

If you have social media pages but don’t post any content, people will think you aren’t interested in communicating with them. However, you need to be active on social media to build a customer base. Focus on posting helpful articles and videos so that viewers can get an idea of what they can expect if they visit your practice. It takes, at most, a few hours to get a week or more of content. 

Problem #3: Your site is not optimized.

Your site needs to be easy to navigate and loaded with relevant information. You also need to ensure your site is mobile-friendly so people can view it easily on their phones and tablets. Because most prospects will only spend a few seconds scanning your site before deciding to stay there or click back to their search results, you need to capture their attention fast. 

Problem #4: You don’t have a newsletter.

If you want to keep in touch with your patients, having a newsletter is essential. It’s also helpful for building customer loyalty because they will know when new services are available, discounts, or special offers.

Problem #5: You don’t offer online booking

This is a biggie. If you don’t offer online booking, people will have to call in or come into your office to book an appointment. And no one likes talking on the phone or going into a busy practice when they could be doing something more enjoyable like reading a book or watching TV. Labor-saving tools like online scheduling allow you to attract a larger pool of patients. 

If you have some of the above qualities, you will have a much higher chance of getting new patients. If you lack any of these qualities, I highly recommend working on them right away. The good news is that getting new patients can be achieved by implementing the strategies in this article. 

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