Tips For Hiring the Best Front Office Staff for Your Practice

The front office is the first point of contact with your patients, meaning that it’s your practice’s first impression. That’s why you need to know how to find the best front-office staff for your practice. 

When hiring the best front office staff for your practice, there are a number of ways to help ensure you are making the right decision for your patients, and that your office runs smoothly. Here are some tips that can help you go in the right direction: 

Know what you need

Give yourself a few hours to think about what you need on a front-desk staff. Here are some examples: 

  • Charming personality 
  • Ability to stay calm even with the most challenging patients. 
  • It’s comfortable with multitasking 
  • Tech-savvy or with an understanding of your practice’s software 
  • Confidence 

Give a generous compensation

Keep in mind that you’re hiring staff that need to make a good first impression for you and your practice, it’s a huge responsibility, so invest accordingly. Paying more dollars per hour than your competition can make a big difference in the quality of employees you could hire, allowing them to be more satisfied and stay with you longer. Remember that it’s less expensive to retain an employee than to deal with turnover. 

Do a good job posting

An appealing job post needs to list the specific requirements you’re asking for. Use a straightforward title and include a brief summary of you and your practice, the responsibilities they’ll have, the qualifications you ask for the job, the work schedule, the salary, and what you expect in terms of performance. 

I strongly recommend including specifics like personality type that’ll fit best for your practice, negotiation skills, good communication skills, and whatever you feel is needed for the job. 

Ask your current staff for recommendations

Ask your current employees if they know someone good for the role you’re hiring. They might know someone that could fit perfectly with what you require. 

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